For a myriad of reasons, (usually, copyright-related), you’ll land on a Youtube video that has been GEO-Blocked by the uploader ..

step 1

Copy Video URL

Visit YOUTUBE and locate the video that is GEO-Blocked. 

On the browser address bar, select & copy the full URL of the video.

step 2


Visit the PROXFREE website and paste the Youtube video URL into the input box. 

On the ‘SERVER LOCATION’ drop-down, select a server that best corresponds w/ the origin of the video (usually US or UK) 

Click on the ‘PROFFREE’ button.

step 3

Watch Video!


Now that you’ve been redirected to the PROXFREE version of that Youtube video, simply CLICK PLAY on the video player.

If the video doesn’t work, re-visit PROXFREE & select a different ‘SERVER LOCATION’ and try again.
* you can also DOWNLOAD the video by right-clicking on the video player and selecting ‘SAVE VIDEO AS’

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