Personal project that was created to help people find rare documentaries online that deal w/ the darker nature of man…

Project Details:

In a frenzy of creative energy fuelled by a life-long passion for all things documentary-related , darkdocumentaries.com was all but completed within a two week period in late 2012.
Website features many WEB 2.0 goodies like JQuery implementation w/ CSS3 animations, to make some of the sliders really pop on the page; implementation of ‘infinite scroll‘ programming and lots more…
Currently the website attracts approx. 2,000 unique visitors a day and will surpass the Million visitor mark later this year…

Completion Date: Dec, 2012Website Status: LIVE

SEO results

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    • “serial killer documentaries”
    • “murder documentaries”
    • “crime documentaries”
    • “ufo documentaries”
    • “conspiracy documentaries”
    • 100’s more