So, your website has been completed. Everything works exactly the way you want it to. It’s been indexed by GOOGLE & other internet Search Engines and has received decent rankings.

But now, you want to make certain changes to the website but are not all that willing to pay the exorbitant hourly fees that some companies charge.

You never mastered HTML to take care of the changes yourself, so, what do you do?

Here at ZIMALISDESIGN® we offer a monthly site maintenance package that will fit your needs & budget.

BENEFITS of website maintenance:

1 STAYING UPDATED! The web & the technologies that are used to produce it and to view it, change at break-neck speeds. Having a website that is constantly updated will serve you well in the present and into the future.

Majority of websites today run on a platform called WORDPRESS and the functionality of those websites run on ‘plugins’ that must be updated monthly. If someone is not monitoring your site on a daily basis, how will you even know if a failed plugin caused the entire site to crash and all your visitors are coming to a blank website.

2 COST SAVINGS! In the long run, it’s more affordable to maintain a website than it is to continually try to fix. 

When the ‘Blog’ phenomenon exploded a few years ago, millions jumped on to the electronic bandwagon w/out realizing that updating/writing a post is not exactly the same as a dealing w/ a plugin failure that might render your website unusable.

3 PEACE OF MIND! The horror stories I’ve been told of people trying to fix their own website errors or maybe even worse getting a friend or relative to help, can fill a series of eBooks.


Subject: Web Site Maintenance

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